Thursday, December 27, 2007

Las Vegas New Year's Celebration

New Year's Eve celebration is on the way and of course, Las Vegas clubs offer a lot of entertainment for the upcoming celebration. Remember that if you have too much to drink (and who doesn't on a New Year's Eve?), take measures to prevent the unwanted consequences, such as getting a DUI

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Complementary Amenities include:

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Las Vegas Clubs and Lounges

If you are up for dancing while in Las Vegas – great! But before you decide where to go, here are some tips that may help you in making your choice.

Dance clubs in Las Vegas are not cheap. The cover charge almost everywhere starts at twenty dollars per person. Some clubs that are not located inside casinos are free for women, but men still have to pay.

If you are on a budget, you may find attractive the offers of so-called “street marketers”. They usually stand on a road side on Las Vegas Boulevard, where it’s always crowded and offer “free” night club passes to visitors. They have passes for nearly every dance club in Las Vegas. Those are legitimate VIP passes and you can get into the club without any problem if you decide to use the pass. Here is the catch, the street marketer will tell you that he works on “tips”, and that tips are anywhere from ten-fifteen dollars, depending on what club you chose.

Even though it sounds tempting to purchase a club pass at a discount, keep in mind that those passes are available for free at numerous stores that are located at hotels (just look on top of the register), bars (check with the bartender), and sometimes even on the counter by the sink inside bathrooms. So, why pay when you can get them for free?

Also, if you go to a Players Club desk at your favorite hotel, check with a desk employee if they have any drink coupons for those dance clubs. They do not volunteer this information, so you need to ask.

Here are names of some night clubs and bars located on hotel properties.

MGM Grand Hotel


- Studio 54

- Tabu

- Rouge

Luxor Hotel

- RA

Wynn Hotel - Blush - Tryst

Stratosphere Hotel - C bar

Hard Rock Hotel - Body English

Bellagio - Caramel - Fontana Bar and Lounge - Light

New York/New York Hotel - Coyote Bar

Mandalay Bay Hotel - Fleur De Lys - Foundation Room - House of Blues - Moorea Nightclub - Red Square - Rumjungle

Palms - Ghostbar - Playboy Club - Rain - Skin


- Jet Nightclub
- The Revolution Lounge

Treasure Island

- Mist
- Tangerine

Caesars Palace

-OPM at the Forum Shops
- Pure
- Shadow Bar

Paris Hotel - Risque

Venetian Hotel - TAO - V Bar

Rio - Voo Doo Lounge

Sightseeing in Las Vegas

Hoover Dam is one of the man-made wonders. It is situated 30 miles southeast of Las Vegas at the Nevada-Arizona border off US Highway 93. It is a world-renowned monolithic structure located in the middle of the most adversative environment, which was built during the Depression, when thousands of families came to Black Canyon to domesticate the Colorado River. It took nearly five years to build the dam, which was at the time the largest dam.

Now, Hoover Dam is a National Historic attraction. The American Society of Civil Engineers rated Hoover Dam as one of America's Seven Modern Civil Engineering Wonders.

The most remarkable feature of the dam is that it was constructed in sets or vertical columns of different sizes ranging from 60 square feet at the upstream part of the dam to 25 square feet at the bottom. adjoining columns were secured together by a system of vertical keys and horizontal keys. Placement of concrete in each single block was limited to 5 feet in every three days. When concrete cooled off, cement mixed with water (grout) was put into the spaces in between columns creating a monolithic structure.

If you are visiting Las Vegas, make sure to visit Hoover Dam and also stop by Lake Mead which is on the way from Las Vegas to Hoover Dam. If you are not driving while in Las Vegas, there are tours available for booking. Make sure you bring bottled water on your trip as it gets extremely hot in the desert.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Saving Tips in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the world’s playground with lots of exciting sightseeing venues, entertainment, and things to do. If you are planning your very first trip to Las Vegas, there are things that you should know before you go.

Las Vegas hotels, restaurants, shows and clubs are not cheap, but if you know about some tips that can save you money and get freebies, you have an advantage.

- Bring at least one pair of comfortable walking shoes. There are many things to see in Las Vegas, and the majority of the hot spots are located on the Strip – Las Vegas Boulevard. The hotels are far apart, let alone they are so big that walking from one end of a single hotel to the other takes a long time. Of course, there is cab service, but if you want to hop from one hotel to the next, it can eat a lot of your spending budget.

Don't forget to tip the driver. Las Vegas drivers are very protective about their tips and they expect good tips. Some players tip hundred dollar bills after they win big.

There is a bus that runs from the Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont St. all the way to the South end of strip. The fare is $2 for one ride or $5 for all day pass. The bus is a great way to move around Las Vegas, but it gets extremely crowded and if you are not wearing comfortable shoes, even getting on and off the bus gets difficult.

If you get on the bus in the middle of the strip during the day, chances are you will be standing jammed amongst other bus riders. Even though it is a two-story bus, it gets packed all year round.

As an alternative, you may want to check out MonoRail. It is a tram that runs on the back side of the stip. It has only few stops and runs from MGM Grand to Sahara with the following stops

Sahara Station
Las Vegas Hilton Station
Las Vegas Convention Center Station
Harrah's / Imperial Palace Station
Flamingo / Caesars Palace Station
Bally's & Paris Las Vegas Station
MGM Grand Station

MonoRail operates from 7 AM to 2 AM Monday through Thursday and 7 AM to 3 AM Friday through Sunday.

The fare is as follows:

One Ride Ticket $5

Two Ride Ticket $9

6-Ride Party Pack

One Day Pass
SPECIAL $15 $9

Three Day Pass $40

Children 5 and Under Free

- Always carry a small bills on you. You will need them to buy a bus ticket, pay for the cab, tip waitresses and more. Taxi cab drivers sometimes ask you if you have cash for the ride and if you don't, they won't serve you. They decline to acceps credit cards. The bus driver does not carry change, so you need to make sure you have enough to pay the bus fare withough having to break large bills.

If you are driving, you can always park for free at hotels and casinos. Just pull up to the vallet partking stand at any casino and park your car free as long as you want. If you have luggage, you can leave it for as long as you need at the bell desk at any casino, and if you are taking a cab afterwards, the bellman will even get you a cab ahead of the line of other people waiting for a cab as well.

If you are going to a mall, park at the nearest hotel for free and walk to your destination.