Sunday, July 27, 2008

Planning a wedding in Las Vegas

Amongst numerous Las Vegas attractions, there are two things Las Vegas is known for everywhere in the world. Las Vegas casinos along the numerous wedding chapels are the two things that make Las Vegas famous.

Planning your wedding in Las Vegas you have nothing to worry about. Since Las Vegas caters to people desiring to get married fast and hassle-free, Las Vegas has everything already prepared for the perfect wedding ceremony to start your life as a married couple.

Planning a wedding in Las Vegas is so effortlessly that it can be simply a matter of a few hours. The best thing about getting married in Las Vegas is that you will find plenty of help for your wedding event.

If you decide to get married in Las Vegas, there are some things you need to remember. Before anything else, make hotel reservations. Once you have made hotel reservations, then you can start looking to book a chapel. Finding a reasonably priced hotel is Las Vegas depends on the season. If you want to save on your hotel bill, it is advisable to book your hotel room in advance. If you are inviting a large number of guests who you are paying for, it’ll add up quickly.

Another thing to remember when planning a wedding in Las Vegas is try to avoid an outdoor ceremony in the mid-summer to late-summer. I personally attended a wedding reception in Las Vegas in mid-summer two years ago. The temperature during the day soared. It easily stayed over a hundred degrees until late in the day when the sun finally came down.

When planning a wedding in Las Vegas, look into wedding packages provided by numerous local businesses since it is not that difficult to find a great deal that will drastically reduce your costs when planning with care. Get in touch with Las Vegas travel agents who will be helpful in locating a good deal for a wedding package.

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Las Vegas Night Clubs and Restaurants

If you have been reading my Las Vegas blog periodically, you must have noticed that I have not posted in a while. There is so much to write about Las Vegas, the night life, all the gaming and gambling, clubbing and dining, but I really want to give you a glimpse into what it is like in Las Vegas. So here we go. On my trip to Las Vegas this month I tested my brand new video camera and took a couple of test videos while clubbing in Las Vegas.

The first video was taken at the Revolution Lounge at the Mirage Hotel and Casino.

This video here was shot at the Fix Steak House at the Bellagio.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Las Vegas Hotels Go On Sale

Apparently it is the off-season time and I got some great deals on hotel rooms! Bellagio Hotel is now offering to its loyal Player’s Club members huge discounts and I was able to take advantage of this great deal only for $99/night! Additionally, when you stay two nights, Bellagio Player’s Club gives you $75 in free play, meaning once you check in, you go to the Player’s Club desk and their staff loads your Player’s Club account free $75!

Since other hotels as offering discounted rooms as well, I took the liberty to book two nights at the Mirage Las Vegas for only $128.62 in addition to my two nights at the Bellagio for $213. Those great prices include taxes and surcharges. With the $25 in free play that I will be given at the Mirage, my total comes to $341.62 minus the $100 back in free slot play it’s only $241.62 for four nights at two of the best Las Vegas hotels!

Did I mention that Las Vegas offers all kinds of freebies? Don’t forget, if you gamble, you can go back to the Player’s Club desk and ask to load your player’s club card with free buffet coupons, which means free food. And not just some soup kitchen, but great food of a great variety. And if you play at the Bellagio, but eat at a cheaper place such as Monte Carlo, which is only a block over to the South from the Bellagio, anyone can easily get credit for free buffet even when they don’t spend much gambling. This is just because each point earned in the play is valued more at the Bellagio then at other hotels.

I plan on bringing my numerous free night club passes that I have accumulated over time from multiple Las Vegas trips. And, in addition, I still have passes to the Bare Pool Lounge (a fancy topless pool that attracts the hottest single men and women in Vegas) at the Mirage. One thing to remember though – always bring your own bottled water when you go to the Bare Pool. It gets extremely hot and they don’t give you a free glass of water at that pool; you have to either bring your own, or buy a tiny bottle of water for as high as $6.