Saturday, August 16, 2008

Meet Rich Men in Vegas

Meeting rich men to date could be done through various channels, but this tip on where to meet rich men to date was given to me in a forum discussion after I posted my article Where can I meet a wealthy man to date? The premise is basically go to a casino, preferably to a private room or a private night club and meet many wealthy men there.

To elaborate on that, one can meet a rich man at places such as Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, The Wynn in Las Vegas and many other fine hotels and restaurants in Las Vegas. This is I and my girlfriend on the pictures at the Wynn in Las Vegas last summer. Boy, did we not meet lots of rich men on our trip!

Then again, the drawback is that the men you will be meeting are scattered all over the world. Las Vegas tends to attract people that live in all the remote parts of the world, in addition to “the locals”, such as neighboring states’ residents. I consider myself to be a local, since I am only an hour away by plane from Las Vegas.

Of course, you can meet rich men pretty much anywhere in Las Vegas. You can meet them at a roulette table, a craps table (preferably high limit craps table), a poker room and anywhere in between. If you don’t like to gamble, there are other places to meet men in Las Vegas, such as a variety of dance clubs, or even a VIP room. To get into the VIP room, you have to either be a high roller or make something up, because normally VIP rooms are reserved for high roller guests. High rollers usually have a host who takes care of all of their needs and makes sure they lose all their cash before they leave Las Vegas. On my last trip to Las Vegas I stayed at the Bellagio for two days and then moved to the Mirage for another two days. I like diversity and while I love the Bellagio, I prefer the geographical location of the Mirage.

During my stay at the Mirage I met a nice middle-age couple from Florida who invited me to a convention that was going on in Las Vegas at the time. We met at the VIP lounge in the morning and spent some time hanging out at the convention at the Venetian.

As far as meeting rich men in Las Vegas goes, as for me, the answer is the men I met in Las Vegas were usually the ones I had previously met online via millionairematch whom I set up a date with at various places in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a great place to meet people for the first date, since there is so much to do in Las Vegas that if you and the guy just don’t hit it off, the evening is not spoiled. You and the guy can just go separate ways and still have fun each on his own.

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