Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dating in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been known as a place to get married, not to go on a date. But I personally have gone out on numerous dates while visiting Las Vegas. Usually what I do when I meet someone on an Internet dating site who lives out of state, I notify him that I will be in Las Vegas on a certain date, for a couple of days up to five days and ask if he would be interested in meeting me in Las Vegas.

Meeting a person you have been talking to through an online dating site in Las Vegas is an exciting opportunity to see what the person is really like in more comfortable and relaxed settings. People are usually happy and excited when they come to Las Vegas, not so much when they leave Las Vegas though, so be careful and watch your spendings when you fly out to Las Vegas to meet someone for a date.

Las Vegas has been a great meeting venue for me so far. I have met many interesting and exciting people in Las Vegas, such as entrepreneurs, creative people and even a British diplomat (seriously, at a bar at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino). I have also had many men fly to Las Vegas when I announced I would be there.

So, why is Las Vegas such a great place for a first date, provided that neither of you live in Las Vegas. Well, first of all, you meet in an atmosphere where neither of you feels like he is the host, because you don’t live in Las Vegas, you are visiting. Additionally, you are both at ease, because Las Vegas is just that kind of place that warrants relaxation and predisposition to having fun.

There are many great restaurants, bars, clubs, sightseeing venues, and just so much to do that it’s almost impossible to get bored. The food is great and there is a variety of cuisine that’s hard to find elsewhere.

You can easily get free drinks at any bar that has a video poker machines if you put twenty bucks in the machine. Just watch your spending and do not overspend.

From the standpoint of personal safety, there are few places you can feel safer than in Las Vegas meeting for a first date. Any place you chose as the meeting place of your first date is going to be packed not only with people, but also security guards and surveillance cameras, so you can feel as safe as you possibly could.

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