Sunday, October 19, 2008

How Much Are Strippers In Vegas

After my recent post How Much Do Hookers Cost In Vegas that has become widely popular I decided to find out how much exactly strippers are in Las Vegas. I am not talking about those strippers that hire minimum wage workers to pass out fliers on a side of the roan on Las Vegas Boulevard. I am talking about the real Las Vegas strip clubs such as Crazy Horse. So how much is it to have a stripper dance for you?
stripper in las vegas
Cover charge to get in is $50

Dance is going to cost you $40 for one song on the floor
If you want a private, AKA “back room” it’s going to cost you $100 for three songs. You must order at least two drinks, one for yourself and one for the stripper. She will dance topless, but not fully nude. And no, you can’t touch.

The most expensive option is the so called Champaign room which is going to cost you $300 and for the same number of songs the stripper will get fully nude.

If this is a little steep for you, go to Miami where you can get in for only $20 cover charge and have a stripper dance for you for $40 for two songs. You will still be on the main floor but you will be in a separate booth.

Want cheaper? Buffalo, NY has strip clubs where you can get in for $10-$20 and have a stripper for the duration of two songs in the back room for only forty bucks.


anon said...

or go to montreal. It's been a while but it was $10 for contact dances

Strip Boss said...

You can get good comparison at - I'm kinda jealous I didn't post this first. This really belongs on the website - supposed to be the "Google of Strippers" when they go worldwide. Right now, just Chicago and Las Vegas can put their pictures up there for free, but they will charge for it starting March 1st. Put something like this on there and you'll get traffic from businessmen all over the world that are traveling. I put my photo up there for nothing and got 18 calls in the first week, two jobs out of it. For nothing. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

Or even better.
In Australia you can get in to strip joints for $10 and theres a number of options.
1. theres a club here where you can get them to dance on you for approx 1min (on the floor) for $5 ... and YES you can touch. Boobs and ass... no frontage.
2. Pay $10$20 entry, $60 you get taken to the back, given a good 15min dance where you can touch the same as above, no frontage. (this is the same at ALL strip joints here in Aus).
Makes all the strip joints in the world seem lame!

Anonymous said...

all lame go to Toronto and clubs near the airport of Niagra Falls area - you can touch and its 20 bucks per song. Most of the gals will let you touch whatever you want - and you can get extras its all about cash!

Blogger said...

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