Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Places To Meet Wealthy Men In Las Vegas

Since I wrote Meet Rich Men In Vegas, a lot of women have been asking me, what are the names of local lounges to meet wealthy men, the specific places to meet rich men in Vegas, where do rich men hang out on Vegas, and what are the best places to meet rich men in Vegas?

Well, Las Vegas caters to rich people. Pretty much anywhere you go on the strip you will find rich men hanging out at casinos, night clubs, bars, restaurants, poker rooms, VIP hotel rooms and luxury designer stores in Las Vegas.

You don’t need to stay at a nice expensive hotel to meet rich men. Some men who are well off still prefer to stay at an older hotel on the strip. By the same token, if a man is staying at The Bellagio or Mandalay Bay, that does not guarantee that he is rich.

VIP rooms cater to high rollers, people who play a lot and come to Vegas a lot. You can easily meet rich men in VIP rooms if you have a way to get in. If you are not allowed to a VIP room, you can still hang out at a bar nearby checking out rich men who come in and out the VIP room. Meeting men in Vegas is easy. All you need to do if be friendly and receptive when a man approaches you. Be flirtatious. Be nice and kind. And rich men will be happy to take you out and about and show you a good time.

Some women ask, where can I meet wealthy older men in Vegas? You probably won’t meet many rich men playing slot machines. In addition, you are facing a cut throat competition from all the old ladies playing penny slots. Go to card tables or craps tables. That’s where rich men hang out. The higher the bets, the riches the men who play at those tables.

Some men are intimidated by beautiful women. But if you spot a rich men you want to meet, it is easy to strike a conversation. If he is looking at you, look back at him flirtatiously and start an innocent conversation. He’ll buy you a drink usually if you are at a bar or a restaurant and you’ll go from there. If you want to know how to meet rich men online, on a dating site, check out How To Meet Rich Men To Date


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where to find the rich women too....;)

kapish chandra said...

I think it's a dream of most of women to meet rich men online , and some of the methods mentioned in the post are sure shot ways to meet guys, but on a lighter note make sure that the man is actually rich before falling in love :).